We strongly recommend that entrepreneurs seek help from one of the many service providers in the Treasure Valley area who counsel early stage companies.

APPLY by downloading our application here.
PRE-SCREEN: If your application meets our investment criteria, you will be invited to submit your financials, capitalization table, and a pitch deck adhering to our template found here: BAA Pitch Deck. A pre-screen meeting will be scheduled for you to present your pitch.
SCREENING COMMITTEE: Upon passing pre-screen review, the Screening Chair will extend you an invitation to present your pitch to the Screening Committee. Pitches are 10 minutes in length with 10-15 minutes for Q&A. The Committee will decide whether to advance you to Due Diligence.
DUE DILIGENCE: You will be asked to meet with the Due Diligence team, answer additional questions, and submit various documents. The Due Diligence team will conduct its review, negotiate the terms of investment and prepare a report. This report will be sent to all Members for their review.
MEMBER MEETING: The Screening Committee Chair will present you to the BAA membership. The members will listen to the pitch, and ask questions. The Due Diligence team will present its recommendation to the members, who will vote on whether to make the investment.  
CLOSE: Assuming a favorable vote, Fund representatives will work with you to address any pre-close conditions, sign documents, and issue a check.
TERMS OF INVESTMENT:  The Boise Angel Alliance uses standard seed series terms adopted by Angel investors all over the country. This term sheet is non-negotiable. Click here to download our Terms of Investment.
CONTINUING COMMUNICATION: Following an investment, a lead contact will be assigned from our group to meet with you quarterly and report on your status and progress to our Portfolio Committee.  There may be additional events and requests for you to join our membership to provide an update.  

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